• Sleek and Smooth Designs

  • Better Energy Efficiency

  • Over 1500+ RAL Colours

  • Peace of Mind Guarantees

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Doors - Bi-Folds.jpg

When we talk about Aluminium Doors we mean the material over a certain style of door. The door styles that come in Aluminium are: Bi-Fold Doors, French Doors, Front & Back Doors, Patio Doors and Slimline Sliding Doors.

Aluminium is a fantastic choice for any property due to its slim frames, sleek design as well as minimal expansion and contraction to ensure no matter the season, your doors will not rub or have any draughts.

Aluminium Doors have exceptional security with each of our styles boasting PAS24 Security as standard and if there is any glass automatically we have them Laminated Externally & Toughened internally for piece of mind.

All of our Aluminium Doors have been tried and tested in a purpose made Testing Centre to ensure that the paint will not fade for at least 25 Years and that is something to boast about, especially when the colour will be unique to your home.

Types of Aluminium Doors

Bring the outside in with Decor's extensive range of Bi-Folding Doors. Nicely folding to either one side or splitting the doors to go two ways makes Bi-Folding Doors versatile and in demand. 

This style is a very popular for Conservatories

Benefits of Aluminium Bi-Folds

  • Slim Frames

  • Strong and Durable

  • Near No-Maintenance

  • Extensive Colour Range

  • Great Energy Efficiency

Adding a modern maintenance free material to a timeless door, Aluminium French Doors are a brilliant answer to those who want to enjoy more views of the outside without the worry of painting and maintaining them every few years.

Benefits of Aluminium French Doors

  • More Glass Area

  • Ability to create a 'Steel Style Door'

  • Almost Maintenance Free

  • Polyamide Thermal Insert for better warmth

  • Multiple Glazing Options

An front door that makes any home more contemporary and a back door that is as smooth to open in 25 years as it was the day it was installed. Aluminium Front Doors come with multiple designs and furniture to wow any guest.

Benefits of Aluminium Front & Back Doors

  • Highly Energy Efficient

  • PAS24 Locks as Standard

  • Over 1500+ RAL Colours to Choose From

  • Minimal Expansion and Contraction

  • Tried and Tested for Longevity

Aluminium Doors - Patio Sliding
Aluminium Doors - Slimline Sliding Doors

A product to make any home brighter. Aluminium Patio Sliding Doors are amazing an additional to Bungalows and Cottage Style Properties that want to maximise their natural light source and be in control of a gentle breeze during Summer

Benefits of Aluminium Patio Sliding Doors

  • Smooth Tracking System

  • Strong and Durable

  • Multiple Colour Options

  • Glass Styles to Suit Each Home

  • Long Lasting

An Architects favourite sliding door is now becoming a residential favourite. With a minimal  frame and sight-lines our Slimline Sliding Doors are becoming one of the most popular in industry boasting an industry leading 20mm sight-line.

Benefits of Slimline Sliding Doors

  • Slim Sight-Lines

  • Strong and Durable

  • Maximum Glass to Frame Area

  • Extensive Colour Range

  • Amazing Energy Efficiency

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Casement Colour Options

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Thanks to modern spray technology, the most common way for customers to choose a colour with uPVC and Aluminium is by telling us a RAL number and we boast a massive 1500+ RAL colour option chart due to our multiple range of profiles.

This has helped customers a lot because before they were having to choose an either/or that made some customers abandon their original project and choose a basic White or Anthracite colour - now they have the option to choose something unique for their home.

At Decor we have so many colour options due to texture finishes on our Aluminium Doors, which can help match up to your existing Timber or uPVC Windows

We are sure there is a colour for you at Decor, but if it is really hard to make a decision Standard White will always be in fashion

Energy Efficiency

Aluminium Doors - Energy Efficient.jpg

No matter what style of door you choose, we made sure that it would be a warm one!

With Aluminium it was very commonly known as being a conductor of cold air, we would be lying if we said that isn't different now but, it is not anymore - the technology has improved by introducing a Polyamide Thermal Break between the profile Thermal Break that improves Energy Efficiency by 30%. This gives our Aluminium Doors an A Rating by the BFRC.

With draught excluders used on each of our door styles it makes sure that no nasty breeze seeps through any gaps and starts to take over the warmer air from inside your property and increase those ever increasing fuel bills.

All the glass we used on our Aluminium Door range is Low-E internally and Low-Iron externally. Low-E glass helps to reflect heat back in to your property and Low-Iron does an important job of breaking down heat when the external pane of glass starts to get hot, this means that all year round you will have a median temperature. Many companies like to tell you only about heat saved but not a lot mentions the cooler feeling in the summer!

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There is not much point in having a Door if the security is naff! That's why all of our doors are PAS24 Certified as standard and can easily by upgraded to Secured by Design.

Many companies boast a name next to their locking systems but really it all comes down to the security accreditation that’ll make your home as secure as it could be. When a locking mechanism has been tested too stringent measures like PAS24 it can give you the reassurance that your home will be able to rely on this extremely innovative security system to keep you and your family safe 365 days year.


To be PAS24 Certified, the doors need to be put through certain tests to ensure they can opposed the opportunist burglar, the test complies of tools such as; small and large screwdrivers, paint scrapers, different sized crowbars and some times battering rams to try and break the locking mechanisms, when the locks have not been broken in a set amount of time then the locking mechanism is PAS24 Certified.

We hope that ensuring our Aluminium Doors being PAS24 Certified puts your mind at ease when you have a Decor Door installed.

Aluminium Doors - Security.jpg

Maintenance Free

Aluminium Doors - Maintenance Free.jpg

All the profiles we chose for our Aluminium Doors are made from the highest quality extruded aluminium alloy and to help the paint finish last as long as possible they are given a long-lasting powder coated colour.


When they're spayed and dried the coloured is now 'locked in' and your Aluminium Doors require very little to no maintenance. This is another reason as to why Aluminium Doors are one of the most sort after home improvements of the last decade. A simple wipe with a damp cloth to the frame and slab and keep the hinges and tracks free from dirt and grit so they continue operating smoothly for many years to come.

The reason our manufacturers choose a powder coated finish is that it helps with the resistance against corrosion, keeps that unique colour you chose to last longer and forget about the colour fading from the suns harmful UVA/UVB rays. All of this is combined to help have a virtually maintenance-free Aluminium Door.

All of Aluminium Doors have been tried and tested to ensure that they do not rust, peel, flake and fade over time. As long as you spray the locks and hinges with 3 in 1 Engineering Oil we are confident the Aluminium Door you choose from Decor will last a very long time.

Other Door Materials

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