Aluminium Windows

Maintenance Free - Giving you extra time to relax

Slim Frames - Allowing more light into your property

Contemporary Designs - Helping you stand out on your street

Truly Secure - Aluminium & shoot-bolts are a burglars worst nightmare

Extensive Colour Range - Over 1500 RAL colour finishes for your property

Strong & Durable - So strong we use it for our Conservatories & Orangeries

100% Recyclable - Helping the world by reducing window waste in the future

Versatile - As well as our Conservatories & Orangeries it can be used for our Porches & Extensions

About Aluminium

Aluminium has come a long way in 70 years! They are no longer the expensive, cold, timber sub-framed window, they can change the look of your property dramatically whilst keeping your property warmer due to the thermal break between the profile, and that's without our Triple Glazed Glass!

Our range of Aluminium windows are A rated as standard and can be upgraded to A+ with the help of Triple Glazing, not only that but with a polyester powder coating on all of our aluminium windows you'll have piece of mind knowing that there will be no rusting, no warping and certainly no painting!

Window Styles

A beautiful window to add style to any property

Aluminium Casement.jpg

Replicate this classic in

uPVC or Timber

A smooth, eye-catching design that's new to the market

Aluminium Flush.jpg

Just as stunning in


Aluminium Tilt Turn.jpg

Clean these just as easy in

uPVC or Timber

An easy cleaning window with slimmer sight lines

Shaped Aluminium

For those awkward openings, we've got you covered

Aluminium Shaped.jpg

Shapes are also available in

uPVC Timber

An answer for those strong Conservation Areas

Aluminium Sliding Sash.jpg

Just as popular in

uPVC Timber

Why Choose Aluminium by Decor

Profile Options

At Decor we have noticed a few things in the industry, the first being lack of options for customers. Most Double Glazing companies have been around for 15+ years and have used the same profile, so they try and convince you to use their preference. Other companies brand profiles as their own to help build up cost, trust and again to use a profile they're comfortable with.

At Decor we are happy to meet your requirements, as the windows will be installed on your property and it needs to be the right look. We use profiles such as; SAPA, Reynaers, Origin, Cortizo, ALUK, Smarts and many others.

Should our customers prefer a profile they have had before from another Double Glazing company, we are happy to accomodate.

We have a close relationship with all our profile manufacturers and we believe this is the best way to provide our customers with an honest sale.

Why Decor - Aluminium Casement.jpg
Why Decor - Flush Casement.jpg

Contemporary Design

One thing we want to make sure of is that the look is right. Aluminium is not the cheapest of materials and not a quick decision when it comes to replacing your windows. Having years of experience designing customers' Windows, Doors, Conservatories and Orangeries, you are in safe hands when making sure you're getting the right window to look contemporary for your property.

We know that contemporary homes are the fashion at the moment but when you are dealing with a Tudor styled property you need to make sure you're not diving into the deep end and choosing the newest aluminium casement as that window can turn what you believe is a contemporary look in to one that is not.

With Decor we will help guide you to ensure that you make the correct decision on looks.

Extensive Colour Range

You will hear most companies boast about 200 RAL colours, and that is something we do as well, but we can let you have the choice of up to 1500+ RAL Colours. This is due to the advanced spray machinery our manufacturers use which gives you an even wider choice of colours to choose from. 

With this many colour options there will be a shade for you but not only that, we also have textured finishes as well. This is something which helps when, for example, you have Rosewood uPVC windows and you would like Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors to match that colour. It is harder to get this on a smooth profile finish but on the textured doors it looks just as realistic as your uPVC windows.

Be sure that with Decor there is a colour and texture for you.

Why Decor - Aluminium Coloured.jpg

Guaranteed to Last

We make sure that the profile being installed on to your home is the finest quality. So good, in fact, that we guarantee not just the paint finish for 10 years but also the sealed units for 10 years as well as all moving mechanisms! This includes locks, hinges & handles.

That is pure peace of mind when you have Decor Aluminium Installed

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Is Aluminium For You?

Aluminium Warmth.jpg


Even though Aluminium is not the most thermally efficient profile it has come a long way. The main manufacturers have introduced a Polyamide Thermal Break inside the frame to help break down cold air, this has been proven to increase the thermal efficiency of an aluminium window by 30%.


Not only that but a thermal break has helped aluminium become the leading profile for Shaped Windows, due to the thermal break being made from Fiberglass. Not only flexible, Fiberglass has been proven to last long in all types of weather conditions.

If you want a warmer house but you're a bit afraid of the fuel bills because of aluminium, don't be - you may be surprised by how far technology has come.

Aluminium Bay Window.jpg


Aluminium is naturally a strong profile, but in the past they were externally beaded which made it easy for burglars to take the sealed unit out and get within your property. Now, the majority of Aluminium Windows are internally beaded which has improved security dramatically.

With all our Aluminium profiles we boast a PAS24 locking system which is the highest security system in the UK, this includes shoot-bolts and hinge guards to ensure all of the window is gully secure. The shoot-bolts are so strong that you can open the window to the 'Night Vent' position and the window is just as secure as if it is fully closed!

Security is no.1 at Decor, we insure your windows are toughest ones out there! 

Aluminium Slim Frames.jpg

Slimmer Frames

With market research, this is the main reason why customers choose Aluminium as their profile choice - and we're not surprised. With slimmer frames comes more glass and with more glass comes more light! This is a clear winner for most homes because the last thing customers want is to own new windows and it being darker than it was before.

Aluminium has always had a contemporary feel to it but has for a long time been an expensive option for the average home owner. Thankfully we have close relationships with all of our manufacturers who pass on fantastic savings to ensure that you are not being charged over the odds!

If you feel that slimmer frames are what you need, speak to us at Decor.

Please get in contact should you like to get a Free Quotation for Aluminium Windows

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