• Available in uPVC, Aluminium or Timber

  • Top Energy Efficiency

  • Top Security

  • Peace of Mind Guarantees

Casement Windows

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Being the no.1 window sold in the UK we are proud to say that Decor's Casement Windows are energy-efficient, secure & eye catching. 


Casement Windows are available in Aluminium, Timber and uPVC and are truly bespoke. You can choose your preferred glazing option, the colour of the window and your own designs to ensure you have adequate amounts of  light coming trough.


Our casement windows are incredibly energy efficient and high performing, keeping your home warmer during the colder seasons and secure 365 days a year.

With our vast amount of profiles used for Aluminium, uPVC & Timber, you can take comfort knowing we only want the best for your home by using industry-leading and internationally recognised manufacturers.


With Decor you won't be buying a Casement window, you will be investing in your property by knowing the quality is built to last.

Material Choices

We have 3 materials for you to choose from - Aluminium, Timber & uPVC

Making any home contemporary, Aluminium is our slimmest profile and can be sprayed to any colours imaginable.

Less frame and more glass means more light floods into your home.

Benefits of Aluminium Casements

  • Slim Frames

  • Strong and Durable

  • Near No-Maintenance

  • Extensive Colour Range

  • Great Energy Efficiency

All of our Timber comes from either sustainable sourced hardwood or softwood. Micro-porous paint and stain finishes give you many options when it comes to a colour finish, whilst keeping your Windows looking fresher for longer

Benefits of Timber Casements

  • Conservation Area Approved

  • Multiple Glazing Options

  • Micro-Porous/Stained for Protection

  • Finger Jointed to Minimise Warping

  • Can Be Made to Any Shaped Opening

As uPVC will never rot, rust or flake this makes this material very popular for casement windows. With a standard energy rating of A+16 and the option to upgrade to Triple Glazing to be A++21 your house will be warmer than ever.

Benefits of uPVC Casements

  • Highly Energy Efficient

  • Reinforced for Additional Security

  • Multiple Colour Options

  • Woodgrain Finish to Mimic Timber Windows

  • Lead Free

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Casement Colour Options

RAL Colours.jpg

The most common way for customers to choose a colour with uPVC and Aluminium is by telling us a RAL number. This has become so popular that as well as Delux, Farrow & Ball and Little Green, Timber Windows can now be matched to RAL colours as well.

This has helped customers a lot because before they were having to choose an either/or that made some customers abandon their original choice of windows and go with the next best thing.

At Decor we have so many colour options due to texture finishes on our Aluminium Windows, a woodgrain effect on our uPVC Windows and Micro-Porous/Stained finishes on our Timber Windows.

We are sure there is a colour for you at Decor, but if it is really hard to make a decision Standard White will always be in fashion

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency.jpg

No matter what material you choose, we made sure that it would be a warm one!

With Aluminium it was very commonly known as being a conductor of cold air, we would be lying if we said that is different now but, it is not anymore - the technology has improved by introducing a Polyamide Thermal Break between the profile Thermal Break that improves Energy Efficiency by 30%. This gives our Aluminium Windows an A Rating by the BFRC and with Triple Glazing can be upgrade to A+

uPVC is known as the warmest windows and that is due to uPVC Chambers within the profile breaking down air as it tries to get through. Along with Double Glazing this helps our uPVC Windows achieve an A+16 Rating and with Triple Glazing can boast an A++21 rating.

Timber is a natural efficient window, as their are no Chambers needed or Thermal Breaks it proves that sometime nature wins. Accompanied with our Double Glazing gives our Timber Windows an Energy Rating of A+6 and upgrading to Triple Glazing helps us to achieve A+12.

We are sure at Decor you should see a reduction in your fuel bills no matter material you choose.

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At Decor as much as we care about the design of your casement windows, we believe security is no.1 when it comes to making that final decision. We only choose Casement Windows that are fully PAS24 compliant, this helps to deflect the attempts of the most persistent intruder and stop them from gaining unauthorised access to your home. 

Many companies boast a name next to their locking systems but really it all comes down to the security accreditation that’ll make your home as secure as it could be. When a locking mechanism has been tested too stringent measures like PAS24 it can give you the reassurance that your home will be able to rely on this extremely innovative security system to keep you and your family safe 365 days year.


To be PAS24 Certified the windows need to be put through certain tests to ensure they can opposed the opportunist burglar, the test complies of tools such as; small and large screwdrivers, paint scrapers and different sized crowbars used to try and break the locking mechanisms, when the locks have not been broken in a set amount of time then the locking mechanism is PAS24 Certified.

We hope that ensuring our Casement Windows being PAS24 Certified puts your mind at ease when you have Decor's Casements installed.

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Glazing Options

Casement - Glass.jpg

Being told you can't have a certain glass on your Casement Window is one thing but not being told why is another!

We have a wide range of glass at Decor to ensure that you make the right decision. We have turned up to properties where a customer may have had different window installers in and some windows have had a different shade of reflection, for example - green, yellow and blue. This is because different window manufacturers use different glass suppliers - we make sure we know if you have Pilkington K, Saint Gobain or Guardian glass in your windows to choose the right glass supplier.

With a massive range of decorative & obscure glass you can be sure that there is the right design for you and that when it comes to privacy you have complete control on how private you want the obscurity to be.

We go on about security a lot and a glass option for you, to keep those intruders out, would be Laminated Glass. Able to withstand the hardest of hits, combined with our PAS24 locking mechanisms on our Casement Windows your windows will have the Secure by Design Status - the Police Security Initiative Scheme.

We have many more options such as Triple Glazing and Acoustic Glass so we know when it comes to that final decision we have the right one for you 

Window Styles

Maybe you would like a quote on another window style?

Please get in contact should you like to get a Free Quotation for Casement Windows