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  • 1000's of Styles

  • Realistic Grain Finishes

  • Enhanced Security

  • Peace of Mind Guarantees

Composite Doors

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With eye-catching Composite Doors from Decor we're sure you'll make an impression but its not just Front Doors that can be of Composite material - you could also choose a Composite Door to replace your existing French Door, Back Door & even have a stylish Stable Door in a Composite material.

Composite is a great choice for any property due to its multiple design options which could help turn an existing cottage style door in to a sleek contemporary aluminium like door and with reduced expansion and contraction compared to uPVC and Timber Doors means your doors will rub less and reduce those nasty draughts.

All of our Composite Doors have been tried and tested in a purpose made Testing Center to ensure that the colour will not fade for at least 10 years! That is something to boast about, especially when investing in such an elegant material and if security is an issue in your area we only provide Composite Doors with the most advanced technology in security to keep any intruders out!

Types of uPVC Heritage Doors

A eye-catching Front Door that will get your family and friends asking! With 1000's of combinations there is a Front Door and Back Door that can for your home and your home alone.

Benefits of Composite Front & Back Doors

  • Superb Energy Efficiency

  • PAS24 Locks as Standard

  • Multiple Furniture Colours

  • Foam or Timber Core to Choose From

  • Tried and Tested for Longevity

Bespoke to fit your existing French Door opening, Composite French Doors could match the original French Door design and enhance the character of your property whilst not breaking the bank while doing so!

Benefits of Composite French Doors

  • Wider Openings

  • Realistic Woodgrain Skin

  • Multiple Glass Designs

  • Draught Free

  • Multiple Colour Options

A maintenance free option for those who want to keep the rodents out during a warm day and keeping the kitchen warmer during the colder season thanks to the highly energy efficient door slab.

Benefits of Composite Doors

  • Warmer Door Slab

  • Practical and Versatile

  • Lovely Furniture Options

  • Multiple Glazing Options

  • PAS24 Locking Mechanisms Used

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Timber Door Colour Options

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Composite Doors helped changed the way for customers to choose their preferred colour and this was by utilizing of a RAL number to make that door unique to them.

This has helped the industry a lot because before we usually had set colours for customers to choose from and that made some customers abandon their original project and choose a basic White or Anthracite colour for their project - thankfully they have the option to choose something unique for their home.

At Decor we have so many colour options, due to to having relationships with top Composite Door suppliers, which can help match up to your existing Aluminium or uPVC Windows

The best thing about Composite Doors is that there is a colour unique to your home and any shade you choose will get your neighbours asking questions.

Energy Efficiency

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No matter what style of door you choose, we made sure that it would be a warm one!

With Timber there is no need for chambers like uPVC or Polyamide Thermal Breaks like Aluminium as it is a thick Timber Block that stops heat from penetrating through frame and slab of your door! This also helps with security which we will explain about further down.

With draught excluders used on each of our door styles it makes sure that no nasty breeze seeps through any gaps and starts to take over the warmer air from inside your property and increase those ever increasing fuel bills.

All the glass we used on our Timber Door range is Low-E internally and Low-Iron externally. Low-E glass helps to reflect heat back in to your property and Low-Iron does an important job of breaking down heat when the external pane of glass starts to get hot, this means that all year round you will have a median temperature. Many companies like to tell you only about heat saved but not a lot mentions the cooler feeling in the summer!

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There is not much point in having a Door if the security is naff! That's why all of our Timber doors are PAS24 Certified as standard and can easily by upgraded to Secured by Design.

Many companies boast a name next to their locking systems but really it all comes down to the security accreditation that’ll make your home as secure as it could be. When a locking mechanism has been tested too stringent measures like PAS24 it can give you the reassurance that your home will be able to rely on this extremely innovative security system to keep you and your family safe 365 days year.

Along with PAS24 Certified Locks, a Timber Door is laminated and cross sectioned to ensure that even with the strongest burglary tools in work your doors are as safe as they come. With the strength of a Timber frame and slab as well as PAS24 Certified Locks, we always have any glass on your doors laminated externally and toughened internally to make your door Secured by Design. Its a small thing to do but goes a long way in insuring your door is as secure as it can be.

We hope that ensuring our Timber Doors being PAS24 Certified puts your mind at ease when you have a Decor Door installed.

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Long Guarantees

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Many window manufacturers offer a Warranty which is simply a promise. By choosing Decor, our products are backed with industry leading Guarantees giving you the peace of mind that you are purchasing high quality Timber Doors that will value to your home and last for many years to come.

With 30 Years against Rot & Fungal Decay this shows that our Doors have been put through the hardest of tests and wettest of weathers to help reduce any Rotting. There are not may companies that can give you a 30 year guarantee against Rotting!

We also guarantee you that for at least 10 years there will be no issue with the Ironmongery, Installation or any moving Locking Mechanisms - the closest we have seen to this is 5 years for Locking Mechanisms and 10 years for Ironmongery. This is because our installers are CERTASS Approved and Carpenters by trade as well as choosing the top quality Ironmongery your can find!

As well as a 10 Year Guarantee on the Sealed Units, Factory Paint Coatings and Manufacturing Defects we are proud that our commitment to quality Timber Doors are further backed up by disciplined certification and testing with third party UKAS accredited Bluesky Certification. Our Timber Doors are annually audited along with our production processes for complete peace of mind that your doors will stand the test of time.

Please get in contact should you like to get a Free Quotation for Composite Doors