What is a Conservatory?

Technically a conservatory is a building that has a roof that is 75% (or more) glass and the wallframes (windows/doors) take up more than 50% (or more) of the frame area. To put it simply, it's a room that lets in tons of light and brightens up ones day!

Not only this, a modern conservatory is more popular with being converted to an 'at home' office due to the advancements in glass technology, taking away the original thought of a conservatory being just another glorified greenhouse!

Why a Conservatory?

Since the industrial revolution all the way up to 15 years ago, most conservatories were deemed as unusable for 9 months of the year due to poor insulated glass and a polycarbonate roof that was notorious for being freezing during the winter and making it a sweat box in the summer. That's a long period during which you are unable to use your glass extension when making a big investment!

Thankfully, with modern technology, roof glazing can now reflect up to 82% of the heat away during the warmer months and with the window & door glass having argon gas pumped in to them, it helps keep the warmth in like an invisible blanket!! This means that you can have a conservatory that can be used almost all year round whilst letting in enormous amounts of light! Who wouldn't want a building that lets light stream in and can be used year round?!

Aluminium Conservatory 1.png

Need a New Glass Roof Only?

Sometimes a new roof is all that is needed to bring the life back in your glass extension

Think a Conservatory is What you Need?

If you need help bringing your thoughts to life for a Conservatory, speak to Ryan who has a wealth of knowledge

What Shaped Conservatory Could I Have?

Lean To Conservatory.png

Lean To

The Lean-To conservatory is also known as a Mediterranean or Sunroom conservatory. It is a classic design that is kept simple, straight, clean lines. With a roof pitch as low as 5° or as high as 30° and spanning up to 4 metres the lean to is designed for any property and continues to be a popular choice for people of any age!


The Edwardian Conservatory offers an elegant, timeless, design. Having a rectangular floor plan an of Edwardian Conservatory gives you the ideal floor space required to introduce more furniture in to your room. Whether your plans are to make Edwardian Conservatory a garden room, office or dining room the additional space will give you endless opportunities.

Edwardian Conservatory .png
Victorian Conservatory.png


Very similar to that of Edwardian Conservatory, the only difference being is that it has a bay section. Whether this be a 3, 5, 7, or even a curved bay, the aesthetics of a Victorian will create a sharp look to any property. The bay sections can be equal sized or with wide fronted sections, making this have a very versatile aesthetic that pleases most that desire such a design.  


A York Conservatory is a form of an Edwardian conservatory design with a gabled front to allow in extra light and create more headroom. With its lovely sun bursting front gable, it creates a stunning visual impact that will transform the smallest of gardens. This is achieved by having a high roof slope, massive panes of glass and a nice sized floor plan similar to that of an Edwardian.

York Conservatory.png
P-Shaped Conservatory.png


If you need to meet your space requirements but an Edwardian, Lean-To or York doesn't tick the correct size boxes, then maybe a P-Shape conservatory is what you need! In a sense, it offers you two separate living areas as it is simply 2 different roof types blended together. Whether you want both sections to be of equal size or one large and one small room, Decor can build this unit to almost any way you want.


Very similar to that of a P-Shape, a T-Shape Conservatory is the combination of 2 different roof shapes with a small porch like area at the front of the unit. The most common design having a York front with Edwardian body will create unlimited amount of light flooding in to your extra floor space whilst not compromising on design! Thankfully we have extensive knowledge of T-Shaped conservatories and would be more than happy to design a unit that suits your needs.


Truly Bespoke

If none of the above options tick your boxes, then we have the expertise to build you your very own unique Truly Bespoke design. No matter how ambitious you may feel or sit there thinking its a silly idea, we believe when we provide you with the 3D CADs you will full in love with YOUR design. There is no project too big at Decor and we love dealing with those who have been told their design ideas are too far-fetched and not achievable! This means we create true tailor-made designs that others deem as just a dream...

T-Shaped Conservatory.png


This is the latest conservatory innovation, the Loggia Conservatory. With a classic Italian design, and the most modern building practices implemented, the Loggia really is a unique build that would make all your friends and family jealous! With insulated Corner Pillars and a stylish Decorative Cornice, a Loggia will stand out compared to the next conservatory. Whether you're thinking of it looking more like a traditional design or a new contemporary styled build, there are many choices to be made when thinking about having a Loggia!

Bespoke Conservatory.png

What Materials Can I Have?

There are 3 main types of materials you can choose from when choosing Decor Home Improvements to build you your project. These are: Timber, Aluminium & uPVC.


Timber - Using Engineered Hardwood for all of our Conservatories they are Guaranteed for a very long period of 30 years against Rot &Fungal decay. Being naturally dense it is strong and thermally efficient, ensuring that each and every unit installed is safe, strong and warm.

Aluminium - Sleek, Contemporary and Stylish an Aluminium Conservatory would suit those who want minimal sightlines and the latest looking unit. With the most colour choices available due to a powder coated finish you could be sure that there is a design out there for everyone.

uPVC - The most common material used for a conservatory, uPVC is a fan favourite but you are not limited to just a bulky standard white uPVC conservatory anymore, you can have a Flush Window system with a specific RAL colour that you fancy to truly give you an up-to-date looking uPVC Conservatory

Colourful Conservatory.png

Guarantees that Matter

Our Conservatories are built last and to prove that they have an Insurance-Backed 10-Year Guarantee*, this includes Glass, Installation, Hinges and other moving Mechanisms Guarantee. This is more advanced than our competitors and with an option for an up to 15-year Glass Guarantee means your Conservatory isn't just built to last, they give you that extra peace of mind that no matter what, there is a Guarantee to keep the light coming in.

*10 Years for Aluminium & uPVC frames, 30 Years Against Rot & Fungal for Timber

Foundations That Matter

When building a conservatory there's no reason in choosing the very best materials if what is under the ground isn't up to standards! The reason we say this is because the majority of Conservatories built in Britain are exempt from Building Control, meaning anyone can dig you 6 inch foundations, sit your brickwork, frames and roof on top then when your unit sinks you have no legal standing as it is classed as a non-permanent structure to begin with. At Decor we work with the same team of builders who make sure that our foundations are at least 1000mm deep (this is an additional 525mm deeper than Building Control recommend) and should there be any trees or landfill issues prominent we will either dig deeper or introduce a Piled Base to make sure your building does not sink.

Why Choose Decor?

We have a passion for Conservatories at Decor, we have read the latest Guidelines proposed by the GGF: 'A Guide to Good Practice in the specification and installation of Conservatories' to ensure you have the safest unit built if Building Control is not involved. But not only this, we believe our seamless process will ensure you will have a smooth journey from the initial Design Consultation all the way until your Certificates and Guarantees are handed to you at the end of the build by taking all the stress and strain out of your hands and project managing the build on your behalf too.

Optional Extras for Conservatories

Internal Pelmet

Also known as a perimeter pelmet, this is an insulated plastered box that sites around the eaves of the roof, and the top of the windows & doors, to house a stunning lighting & speaker system. Not only this, but as mentioned this being an insulated extra it will help to keep that extra bit of warmth in during the colder seasons we tend to have!

With any depth between 300mm and 1200mm meaning you can enjoy the natural light a conservatory provides, with the look and feel of an orangery all in one great option.

Conservatories - Living Room 1.png
Conservatory - Contemporary Orangery 1.png

Decorative Cornice

A Decorative Cornice is a conservatory enhancement that hides your guttering and the ends of the roof rafters from view. Just a small piece of material completely transforms your roofline and ensuring your conservatory roof makes the best visual contact compared to standard guttering.

Being  incredibly versatile, & depending on your requirements, you’ll be able to choose a Decorative Cornice that suits your project – no matter what size or shape you choose. This simple upgrade will make a bold statement and dramatically enhance the appearance of the roof and build as a whole by hiding any unsightly appearance of glazing bar end caps, glazing panels, guttering & any visible brackets.

There are a few shapes & sizes to choose from, so that they are in proportion with the scale of your conservatory or orangery.

Conservatory - Decorative Cornice.png
Conservatory - Decorative Cornice Green 1.png

Common Questions About Conservatories

To help you with your exciting new project we, at Decor, want to help you make the correct decision. Here are some of the most common questions for Slim Frame Sliding Doors we get asked that you might find useful.

How Much Does a Conservatory Cost?

This is a very open question due to different materials and specifications but usually a normal sized conservatory is 12m2 and for a uPVC Lean-To unit only (Frames and Roof) the cost of one is usually around £11,000 inc VAT and all fees. The reason we have used this example is because this is the cheapest unit type and material. With additional extras, colour surcharges and shape changes, the price does start to go up but we always try our best to be as economical as possible whilst not compromising on quality. Also, remember, it is an extra room and often less expensive and more convenient than a loft extension!!

What Doors Can I Have on a Conservatory?

You can have, virtually, any type of door on a conservatory from Decor due to the advanced ring-beam options our suppliers use to ensure structural integrity will constantly exist regardless of the size of your doors.

What Material Can I Choose?

Thankfully you can have any of the 3 types of material we offer: uPVC, Aluminium or Timber

What Colour Options Are There?

When choosing Decor, any colour you can think of is an option! With uPVC & Aluminium you have a choice of over 250+ RAL colours! Then with choosing Timber, you can match any shade of the Farror and Ball Collection or Dulex range to ensure you really have a bespoke Conservatory.

How Long Do They Take to Install?

Building works tend to take around a week to complete, depending on the complexity. For the window and door frames they can be up and ready in a day! A conservatory roof takes between 1-3 days depending on the size. This means a fully built conservatory will take around 2 weeks to build.

What Are the Lead Times for Conservatories?

Our suppliers usually have the window and door frames ready within 4 weeks and the roof can be as quick as 3 weeks. It's always best to ask directly as lead times can change quite quickly in our industry and we wouldn't want to let you down!

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