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At Decor Home Improvements we build every conservatory to the British Building Regulations as Standard Requirements, this is different to most of our competition in this industry as most companies do not build to any standards at all should Building Control not be required. We have extensive knowledge of what the latest rules and regulations are and as Conservatories are exempt from Building Regulations most customers do not know what they are buying and how long it will last.

We believe that a when you look at a conservatory, and it is standing with all its grace, it is only as good as what you can’t see; the foundations. Being, arguably, the most important part of any building, the foundations should be dug to Building Regulation Standards to ensure the conservatory can stand the test of time. We use the NHBC’s foundation calculator on every job to determine the type and depth of foundations required, to ensure it meets the latest Building Regulation Requirements. The ground conditions and presence of trees usually dictate the type of foundations required; Traditional/Rafter/Piled. All local areas vary between chalk and clay, with “Brownfield” sites requiring special consideration, most likely needing to have Piled Foundations. The subject is far more complicated but with our expertise in this field we are happy to explain the ins and outs as to why specific foundations are required.

Within our service we provide a complimentary 3D CAD (Three-Dimensional Computer Aided Design) which brings the thought of a conservatory design to life, building it to exactly how you would like your new, natural light filled, room. We do like to ensure we spend time to make this design perfect for each and every customer so our turn around for a conservatory design is no more than 72 hours. Not only does the 3D CAD help bring your ‘dream to life’ but it can also help with planning permission (should it be required) which we also take care of.

At Decor Home Improvements we want to ensure that your conservatory is built to the highest standards, even if it is a small project such as roof replacement or a newly built conservatory (including baseworks) and to do this we need to ensure that starting from under the ground up we comply with British Building Regulations. Our frames are BBA approved as well as the roofs that we provide, making us one of the only companies in Britain to conform to British Building Regulations from underneath the ground up.

We, at Decor Home Improvements, believe that a conservatory is only as good as its foundations and we ensure that every job that requires foundations are dug to the correct depth and filled with the correct mixture of concrete. Where extra depth foundation are required and it is deemed unsafe by the Building Control Officers to be a risk to our workers we will use Piled Foundations. Piled foundations are quicker, cleaner and sometimes stronger than concrete filled foundations.

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Our Frames and Roofs are independently tried and tested by The British Board of Agrément to ensure the materials used for your conservatory are of the best quality and highest of standards

Whether it be Double Glazing or Triple Glazing, on the Windows and Doors of your conservatory, all glass with be Toughened and Laminated as standard to ensure you get the very best security. We also make sure that no energy is lost be having Windows and Doors that are low in U-Values, for example, our Triple Glazing could achieve a U-Value Rating as low as 0.7W/m2k (This is the same as saying A++22!!) and on the Roof Glazing we have a wide range of Pilkington Active Glass and their very best glazing has a Solar Reflection Rating of 94% (which is great for the hotter months) and a U-Value, as standard, of 1.0 W/m2k (which is the same as regular Triple Glazed Windows) keeping you warmer during the colder months!!!

Using Toughened and Laminated glass with PAS23/24 locking mechanisms your conservatory will be built to Secured By Design status, not many companies offer this on conservatories but at Decor Home Improvements we do this as standard to ensure your conservatory is one of safest areas in your property.

We can achieve any colour within the RAL colour chart.

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