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What Are French Doors?

French Doors are a set of 2 doors that open in or out to easily transition your living space with the outdoors. French Doors are sometimes referred to as Double Doors as they are a set of 2 doors that open. A popular reason for having French Doors is to maximise the opening space of an area that could also be a Single Door with a side panel or Patio Sliding Doors. They are the most popular door option for Conservatories and also in Living Rooms due to their ease of opening to increase ventilation. Having the option to open them in as well as out are also a popular option for customers who live in High Rise Flats with Juliet Balconies

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Why French Doors?

Our French Doors are an easy way to create a transition to the garden whilst not breaking the bank. When opening outwards they enable you to fully utilise the space indoors whilst creating maximum light and ventilation. When opening inwards they help those who live higher up who would like to maximise their views and ventilation. 

Flexible in their approach, they have the ability to lock one leaf closed whist using only one door or you can open up both doors and secure them with cabin hooks to avoid them swinging shut in the wind.

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What Makes French Doors Great?

When updating existing French Doors it can create an feeling of openness due to more glass area compared to before.

French Doors offer a great way of connecting your home to your garden. They have been designed to ensure your home also benefits from an improved performance too with Timber, Aluminium and uPVC offering the latest glass technology and the warmest frames possible in each of their class. They are highly secure with a multi-point locking system to help keep intruders out and are resistant to the harshest of weather conditions.


A truly bespoke and stunning transition between your home and garden can be created with Decor's French Doors thanks to our CERTASS Approved Surveyor

Low Maintenance

All of our French Doors are quick and easy to clean, just use a damp cloth when needing to refresh the look of your French Doors!

Usable 365 Days

Our French Doors will keep you warm during the colder months and cooler in the warmer months due to the advanced glass technology we use.

French Doors Just for You

Be in total control of what French Doors you want by choosing either Timber, Aluminium or uPVC as the material. You can relax knowing you are getting the highest quality and durable materials from Decor that will make a great addition to your home. Not only will your home benefit from increased energy performance, but you will also benefit from improved aesthetics as well.

With 1500+ RAL colours to choose from and different textures to match uPVC Windows we truly have the largest selection of French Doors to choose from.

All of our French Door Furniture comes with a 10 Year Fully Backed Guarantee and can be PAS24 Certified. With different furniture colours available it really makes our French Doors Just for You

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Why Decor's French Doors?

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Security Makes Our French Doors Safe

We believe in nothing but putting your safety and security before anything else, so our French doors meet stringent British Security Standards. Some of their features include a multi-point stainless steel locking system, high security lock cylinder and robust hinges. Plus we make sure that you have toughened glass as standard to help stop any type of ball smashing their way through.

Seamless Transition

Transforming an existing simple doorway in your home into a grand entrance, Decor's French Doors will truly help you enjoy a more panoramic view from which ever room you install them.

With advancements in technology uPVC and Timber French Doors let in more light than ever, but they still have some catching up to do with Aluminium!

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Big or Small, Your Choice...

We're very fortunate to have built relationships with top fabricators such as A-Plus and Direct Trade for Aluminium, Evolution and The Residence Collection for uPVC and Midlands Conservatories and Bereco for Timber.

Doing this gives you complete flexibility of the size you would like your French Doors! You could have them as small as 1.1m up to 2.2m wide. 

Keeping You Warm & Cool?

Timber is naturally a thermal efficient material, our Aluminium has a Thermal Polyamide Break and uPVC has multiple chambers within the frame to help break down cold air and heat transfer. But, it is our advanced glass technology that breaks down heat in the summer from blasting through creating an

in-door oven and in the winter it reflects the important energy that you pay for back in to the room thanks to technology that is like an invisible blanket!

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Guarantees that Matter

Our Insurance-Backed 10-Year Frame*, Glass, Installation, Hinges and other moving Mechanisms Guarantee is more advance than our competitors and with an option for an up to 15-year Glass Guarantee means your French Doors aren't just built to last, they give you that extra peace of mind that while they're protecting you, we're protecting them.

*10 Years for Aluminium & uPVC frames, 30 Years Against Rot & Fungal for Timber

Common Questions About French Doors

To help you with your exciting new project we at Decor want to help you make the correct decision here are some of the most common questions for French Doors we get asked that you might find useful.

What is the Maximum Width a French Door?

We have installed doors 2.2m wide but have yet to be tasked with anything more than this, so maybe 2.4m can be achieved!

Can French Doors Open In as well as Out?

French Doors have been engineered to open both in and out, depending on the needs of your project. Most homeowners choose to have French Doors open outwards as it provides more space in the room for furniture whilst with a lot of home owners who have had loft conversions have them opening in for ventilation with a Juliet Balcony.

How Secure are French Doors?

French Doors in uPVC have reinforcement inside the frame to help with stability as well as security whilst Aluminium and Timber naturally offer a fantastic level of security due Aluminium's metal core and Timber's natural strength. All of our French Doors have a multi-point locking system that locks at multiple points along the opposing door, high security hinges, toughened glass as well as glazing beads on the inside to help prevent the glass being removed from the outside of the door. All of this helps make your French Doors are near impenetrable

Do I Need to Obtain Planning Permission for Bi-Fold Doors?

Depending on if you live in a Conservation Area, French Doors are normally covered under permitted development rights. We always advise to check with your local authority, which Decor can help advise on and if need be make the phone call on your behalf. 

Do I Need to Obtain Building Control for Bi-Fold Doors?

If you are altering a door opening to install French Doors, you will most likely require a Building Notice. This is to ensure the new opening is capable of withstanding the extra weight and will most likely require a new RSJ/Lintel to support the weight above.

Are French Doors Expensive?

French Doors are one of the most affordable ways to make a small opening bigger whilst not compromising on security. uPVC are the most affordable, Aluminium last longer than uPVC so are naturally a bit more expensive but due to us only getting FSC Certified Timber our Timber French Doors are the biggest investment of all 3.

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