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Whether it be a Composite, Aluminium, Timber or uPVC Heritage in material, a Front or Back Door is on every single property in the UK and they make a powerful impression. With our vast collection of styles and materials we thankfully can cater to every home.

We have dealt with Front Doors that are mostly glass with minimal frames and traditional Cottage Styled doors which has taught us that each and every home has their own character that needs to be fulfilled and with the rise of Back Doors now matching Front Doors, in design, there is no where better to go than to us at Decor who will ensure you will get exactly what you want.

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Front & Back Doors Can Keep You Secure

What Makes Front & Back Doors So Important?

When updating your Front Door or Back Door a lot of emphasis is put on the look of the door, but for us the emphasis is put on the security and we believe that should be the most looked at feature. It's a scary percentage but 74% of break-ins are through the Front or Back Door (as of 2018) and that is shockingly high considering that you would think that a window having so much glass would be the easier target! With our locking mechanisms exceeding British Security Standards we make sure that you are not apart of that 74% and can truly enjoy every day, and night, knowing your house is as safe as it can be.


With multi-point locking mechanisms exceeding British Security Standards you know with Decor your Front & Back Doors are as Secure as they can be

Less Draughts

With double seals on the majority of our Front & Back Doors you can be sure that you will be warmer during our long lasting cold season

Truly Bespoke

Knowing that your Front or Back Door will fit like a glove is reassuring. Even more so that it has been measured by a CERTASS Certified Surveyor

Eye-Catching Front & Back Doors

There's not a better feeling in home improvements than getting a new Front or Back Door. They make a powerful first impression and sets the tone for the rest of a house! With over 100+ Front and Back Door styles in Timber, Aluminium, uPVC Heritage & Composite we know that you will truly have a unique door that is individual to you.


With an extensive range of accessories to enhance your door, you are in complete control. What furniture could you have? Handles, Door Knockers and Letterplates to name a few and they come in a massive range of colours including Chrome, Stainless Steel, Gold, Black and White. 


Make the ultimate statement on your street with an endless choice of decorative glass and glazing options, such as etching your house number into the glass of your Front Door or even Traditional Stained Glass for where Conservation Areas are strict and you can have nothing but the original.

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The Benefits of Decor's Front & Back Doors?

Truly Secure

A Front or Back Door is an entrance to your home so we believe in taking security seriously. With these security features as standard such as Toughened Safety Glass, Security Hinges and Hinge Bolts we don't scrimp in security and neither should you. IAll of our Doors have achieved Secured by Design which means that the locking mechanisms are PAS24, Part Q Certified. This keeps those intruders out and your most prized possessions in.

Keeping the Warmth In

Our Front and Back Doors will keep your home warmer during the colder months and cooler during those hot spells. Built to exceed the latest Building Control Measures, choosing an Entrance Door from Decor creates a draught-free, tighter seal than the door you currently have.


All of our Front & Back Doors meet British Legislation Requirements and are rated at least A by the BFRC, not many companies can offer that.

All the Colours in the Rainbow & More

At Decor our Entrance Doors are available in Timber, Aluminium, uPVC Heritage and Composite. But not only that all of them can be sprayed to over 200+ RAL Colours, such as a Contemporary Jet Black or a Valentines Favorutie Strawberry Red. With so many colour options we're sure our range of Front & Back Doors are sure to make a lasting first impression.

Style's to Suit Any Home

Every home is different and we know we have a style to suit you. Whether it be A French Door Composite style or uPVC Heritage Stable Door you can be sure that we will find a design, style and material to match your door to your home. Even if you live in a Conservation Area and all you can have is a Timber Door than we will have a Style to Suit Your Home

Guarantees that Matter

Our Front & Back Doors are built last and to prove that they have an Insurance-Backed 10-Year Guarantee*, this includes Glass, Installation, Hinges and other moving Mechanisms Guarantee. This is more advanced than our competitors and with an option for an up to 15-year Glass Guarantee means both your Front & Back Doors aren't just built to last, they give you that extra peace of mind that no matter what there is a Guarantee to help you out

*10 Years for Aluminium & uPVC frames, 30 Years Against Rot & Fungal for Timber

Optional Extra's for Front & Back Doors

Triple Glazing

All of Front & Back Doors can be upgraded to have Triple Glazing to help increase the energy efficiency of the door. As well as this there is an extra layer of security for an opportunist burglar to break though!

Yale Smartlock

Being able to unlock your door from a smartphone or key fob is Bladerunner technology and it is becoming more popular because it helps those who are a minimalist and don't fancy carrying a bunch of keys

Astragal Bars

Astragals are placed on the outside and inside pane of glass but as well as Astragal Bars you could have Georgian Bars or Leaded Lights to decorate your door glass to give it a bit more character.

Common Questions About Front & Back Doors

To help you with your exciting new Door we at Decor want to help you make the correct decision. Here are some of the most common questions for Front & Back Doors we get asked that you might find useful.

What Material Can I Have?

We have a massive selection - Timber, Aluminium, uPVC Heritage, Composite and uPVC. Soon we are going to be introducing Steel to our material range, so keep an eye out for when we do!

Does More Glass Make My Door Less Safe?

It can be a scary thought that more glass will make you more susceptible to break-ins but if you choose Decor's Laminate Glass for your front door the glass is near impenetrable, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

What Material Should I Choose?

This is completely up to you and depends on a number of questions, such as; Do you live in a Conservation Area? If the answer is yes you would need to talk to your local council to ask what material would be accepted should you want to replace your door. Another questions is; How much could you invest? Depending on your budget we have a door to suit all pockets of all sizes! Some customers would like a Timber Door but these are quite pricey so they tend to go for our realistic uPVC Heritage Door or Composite as a compromise on price but not quality!

What Colour Door Can I Have?

On every material that we sell you can choose from over 200+ RAL Colours and with Timber you could also choose Stained Finishes as well.

Should I Choose Composite or uPVC?

Choosing between uPVC and Composite Doors is completely an individual choice when choosing either from Decor. The reason for this is the security and quality is as good as it can be, in their individual field, and all that is difference is the internal make-up of the door. uPVC doors are made from plastic, whereas Composite Doors are made from several materials, which when made up, provide a weatherproof, highly insulated and durable Front Door. Regardless of if you choose UPVC or Composite for the material of your door, both are strong, secure and covered by our Insurance-Backed Guaranteed 10 Year Guarantee.

What is the Most Secure Door Material?

Each material offers their own secure advantages. Timber is tough and hard wearing due to being a made from a thick block of Engineered Timber, Aluminium is strong and solid due to being a lightweight metal, uPVC Heritage has an Aluminium Core which has all the benefits of an Aluminium Door when it comes to strength and Composite has 2 types of core which is Foam and Timber. Our Foam Composite Doors have an Engineered Ply Sheet within the core to help with security and the Timber Core is just like a Timber Front Door, when it comes to keeping you secure, due to being a thick 48mm Timber Slab. uPVC offers great value for money but still has adequate security.

All of our doors come with Laminated Glass (if you have a glazed section) and PAS24 Certified Locks, meaning all of doors are as secure as they can be!

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