Patio Sliding Doors

More Glass, More Light

What are Patio Sliding Doors?

Patio doors are a smart, sensible choice to let natural light flood into your home. With Decor you can choose between Timber, Aluminium or uPVC for your material with all of them having their own special features and benefits. Patio Sliding Doors are an affordable, long-term investment that connects your home with the outdoors and are very popular in High Rise Flats and Extensions. For a smooth tracking system, that the doors slide open, and being able to glide one behind the other, makes them a popular and space-saving alternative to Bi-Fold Doors and French Doors.

Why Choose Patio Sliding Doors?

Being able to slide the doors rather than opening them allows you to be in control of ventilation on a summer's day. But not only this, where as Bi-Fold Doors and French Doors open outwards or inwards, meaning you need to ensure that there is no furniture in the way, Patio Sliding Doors take up their own space on a tracking system allowing you to have as much outdoor or indoor furniture as close to the doors as you like without compromise.

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Patio Doors Look Great on an Orangery

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Talk to Us About Patio Sliding Doors?

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Patio Sliding Doors Slide Smoother than others

What Makes Patio Sliding Doors Practical?

With some gardens that aren't as long as others Patio Doors are fantastic for allowing maximum light in whilst not losing any floor area. This helps those with a smaller foot print create a more open feeling. They are strong and robust and with Aluminium & uPVC being near maintenance free they are some of the most easiest doors to maintain due to having less hinges than French Doors and less tracking feet than Bi-Folds. With an Anti-Bump system added as standard to our doors not only are they practical they are also secure.

More Light

With more glass comes more light. There have been studies where a darker room can cause a negative mindset - Patio Sliding Doors will brighten up any room to help you feel better.


Our Patio Sliding Doors are fitted with a multi-point locking system, and an anti-lift device. The lock is anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-drill locking mechanism. Helping keep those intruders out.

Easy to Operate

With a smooth tracking system that is near maintenance free, our Patio Sliding Doors will last a long time. They have been tried and tested to open and close more times than you think!

Easy to Slide Patio Doors

Even though you are pulling over 100kg of weight on a standard 2.1m high x 2.5m wide Patio Sliding Door, it feels like you are pulling near to nothing! With our advance tracking system and perfectly level installations, our Patio Sliding Doors will be smooth to push closed and pull open - gone are the days of heavy uPVC, Timber Patio Sliders!

It may come to a surprise that our Patio Sliding Doors are very economical compared to our competitors but we haven't stripped anything away to do this, in fact our suppliers have taken away all the unnecessary extras that made Patio Sliders so heavy to begin with and are no longer needed within the doors without compromising security.

With furniture that is made from steel and sprayed to a colour that suits, all parts of our Patio Sliding Doors feel robust but with them being light weight our Patio Door furniture really will make your new Patio Doors Easy to Slide

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Why Choose Decor's Patio Sliding Doors?

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Creating More Usable Space

Bi-Fold Doors and French Doors swing either outwards or inwards which makes smaller sized gardens even smaller. Patio Sliding Doors are ideal for small spaces where having a sliding door creates more space to position your indoor and outdoor furniture. Sliding left and right on tracks within the frame makes them perfect to create a large opening to your garden.

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Warm to the Core

With a 20mm gap between the large pane of Low-E internal glass, weather resistant seals and trickle ventilation help retain the heat inside your home and save you money on your heating bills and by having a larger glass area means more light will be flooding in, saving you money on your electric bills! 

To make them even more energy efficient we also provide the option to upgrade Triple Glazing to all of our materials! When they do get a tad too warm in the hotter months all you have to do is slide them open slightly to ventilate the room.

Safety First

With Patio Sliding Doors being mostly glass the most common thought is 'How secure are they?'. As standard all glazed doors are thermally toughened, making it incredibly difficult to break but we go one beyond and laminate the external pane to enhance the security. We also only have internally glazed doors so the glass cannot be removed from the outside and with an anti-life security strip helps to prevents the door from being lifted out of the frame.

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More Material Choices

Not many companies boast about Timber as an option for Patio Sliding Doors, for Conservation Areas sometimes Timber is all that will do! We also love the thin framed Aluminium Sliding Doors that don't warp or twist as all, meaning for longevity you can't get much better than Aluminium. uPVC is great as they're not as chunkier as they used to be but still a great for those who are on a tighter budget and being able to choose over 200+ RAL colours really can turn a uPVC Door in to a contemporary looking Aluminium-like Patio Slider

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Guarantees that Matter

Our Patio Sliding Doors are built last and to prove that they have an Insurance-Backed 10-Year Guarantee*, this includes Glass, Installation, Hinges and other moving Mechanisms Guarantee. This is more advanced than our competitors and with an option for an up to 15-year Glass Guarantee means both your Patio Sliding Doors aren't just built to last, they give you that extra peace of mind that no matter what, there is a Guarantee to keep them sliding.

*10 Years for Aluminium & uPVC frames, 30 Years Against Rot & Fungal for Timber

Patio Sliding Door Configuration

To ensure you make the correct choice for your sized opening and that you know the correct widths for each paneled door configuration, below will help to show you the ways in which all of our Patio Sliding Doors open and the maximum & minimums widths & heights available for each door. 

Aluminium Patio Sliding Doors.png

Height: 1.83m-2.5m

Width: 1.2m-3m

Height: 1.83m-2.5m

Width: 2.1m-4.5m

Height: 1.83m-2.5m

Width: 2.1m-4.5m

Height: 1.83m-2.5m

Width: 3.5m-6.53m

Common Questions About Patio Sliding Doors

To help you with your exciting new project we at Decor want to help you make the correct decision. Here are some of the most common questions for Patio Sliding Doors we get asked that you might find useful.

Are Patio Sliding Doors an Easy Target for Burglars?

With a pre-conceived idea that a larger glass area will make Patio Sliding Doors easier to break into that couldn't be further from the truth. Believe it or not, intruders don’t usually smash glass, as they know the latest glass technology is harder to smash,  but instead aim for the locking mechanisms. With our PAS24 Compliant locking mechanisms and intruder strong cylinders our Patio Sliding Doors are more capable of taking on the wisest of intruders.

Are Patio Sliding Doors Energy Efficent?

Just like with the security of the doors there is a pre-conception that a larger amount of glass will make the doors less efficient compared to door that has no glass whatsoever. However, as glass technology has advanced our Patio Sliding Doors are double glazed, filled with argon gas and use energy efficient glass that reflects all the negative heat when the pane gets too hot but the heat it grabbed on to stays inside your property for longer.

What Material Should I Choose?

With our 10-Year Insurance-Backed Guarantee it doesn't matter what material your Patio Sliding Doors they all have their own strengths that would be suited for your home. Timber is an elegant choice where homeowners will tend to the door and maintain it every few years but come with a long 30-Year Guarantee against Rot & Fugal. Aluminium Patio Sliding Doors are light weight, have a slim frame and don't warp or twist. uPVC is an economical choice that is easy to clean, and the frames are as thin as they've ever been. 

What Colour Options Are There?

On every material that we sell you can choose from over 200+ RAL Colours, with Aluminium with can have the frame textured and that allows you to have over 1500+ RAL Colour options and with Timber you could also choose Stained Finishes as well.

Should I Choose Patio Sliding or Bi-Fold Doors?

Both Patio Sliding and Bi-Folds have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as; being able to open up and slide the whole of the entrance open with Bi-fold doors is great on a summers day and can add real impact to a room but have more frame that Patio Slidings and take up more space, regardless of if they open inwards or outwards. Patio Sliding Doors have less frame, allowing you to let in more light when they're fully open but you are only able to open just under 50% at any time - reducing the opening size of what can be perceived as a big opening.

What Sizes Do They Come In?

A normal sized Patio Sliding Door is usually 2.1m high & 2.5m wide but depending on the material they can go up to 2.5m high and as wide as 3m for a 2 panelled Patio Sliding. They come in 2,3 and 4 panels, however, you need to consider what the Patio Doors will be used for - will you be carrying loads of furniture through the doors? Or is your opening only 1.2m-1;5m wide? If so you need to be mindful that 50% of the opening space is taken up by the stationary door/s and a standard sized width opening is 1m wide which is the width of a 2.2m opening.

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