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Slim Frame Sliding Doors

Luxurious Floor to Ceiling Freedom

What are Slim Frame Sliding Doors?

Very much similar to Patio Sliding Doors in the way they open and close, Slim Frame Sliding Doors are just what the name suggests - a minimal framed Sliding Door that is the most pleasing Architectural designed doors to come in to the market.

With sightlines (where the closed frames meet) ranging from 83mm all way down to an Ultra-Thin 20mm, this truly is a door system where practically a frame is non-existent  and you can enjoy maximum light flooding in to your property.

Choosing Slim Frame Sliding Doors

What was once only available to big, modern architectural buildings are now slowly becoming popular with common residential properties without architects help. We notice that these Sliding Doors are becoming the norm when it comes to Conservatories, Extensions and creating new openings in the back of one's home. There are a few things to consider when choosing Slim Frame Sliding Doors and one of them is the tracking system is quite wide - each sliding track is approximately 85mm deep and with a triple track slider, being the most popular, it is approximately 255mm deep but all is not bad as it really won't noticeable as they can be installed to sit nice and flush within your flooring that makes the sliding track barely noticeable.

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New Extensions? Think Slim Frame Sliding Doors

Slim Frame Sliding Doors are exactly what a new

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The Advantages of Slim Frame Sliding Doors 

Looking at the size of the doors, when looking at images online, it can seem like they would be almost impossible to open and close! Fortunately with the advanced tracking system and smooth wheel bearings these doors are just as easy to open as Bi-Folding or normal Patio Sliding Doors, and when the doors get up to a massive 500kg per panel we may then advise you on including an automated drive to open the doors automatically and don't worry about unsightly motors and wiring, they can be hidden within the ceiling void internally for an invisible finish.

Less Frame

With our range of Slim Frame Sliding Doors starting with 83mm sightlines going all the down to our Ultra-Slim 20mm sightlines our doors really have the least amount of frames around.

More Glass

With small frames and bigger openings our Ultra Slim Sliding Doors that have a 20mm sightline you can have up to 12m2 of glass per panel! This makes these doors, truly, a wall full of glass.

Ever Lasting Panels

With each panel offering widths up to 3.5m wide & 4.5m high we can offer up to 6 panels per door system which means an enormous 21m width can be achieved with our

Slim Frame Sliding Doors.

Elegant Slim Frame Sliding Doors

There were times when as a consumer you would watch shows like Grand Designs and Home Under the Hammer and thought that those big, modern, glass doors are amazing and wondered 'if I could have them?' only to be told you need an architect, structural engineer and other professionals that made your dream project turn in to just another dream project.


Fortunately we wanted to break down the barrier of consumers just having dreams about elegant Sliding Doors by talking to our fabricators and asking what do we need when surveying and installing these doors in to New Builds, Extensions, Conservatories and Orangeries as well as new openings to the back of a house and worked out that with most cases we did not need an structural engineer nor architect to do these jobs!

By doing this we have helped the common home owner, who watch's Grand Designs, have bigger, wider openings and open up their homes to allow light flood in all year round and proudly say that they have Elegant Slim Frame Sliding Doors.

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Why Choose Decor's Slim Frame Sliding Doors?

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Stronger than a Hurricane?

Regardless of if they are Double Glazed or Triple Glazed they have increased levels of resistance to air permeability, water and wind loading compared to standard Double Glazed Patio Sliding Doors and these large glazed Sliding Doors have also undergone specialist testing for resistance to hurricane levels of cyclic wind and driving rain. To ensure that the doors would withstand any hurricane, the tests also incorporated missile impact testing to recreate the experience of objects being thrown during a hurricane storm and came out with top marks for durability.

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As Secure as Master Lock

Our Sliding Doors have a two-point lever locking handle for secure internal locking. When turned the thrust lever handle sends steel shoot bolts from within the 20mm vertical frame into precast locking positions within the ceiling and the floor just like a window locking system that has shootbolts. They have been tested to withstand the toughest of burglary tools and as standard come with 6mm toughened glass but if security is a major issue we can also apply to have an electromagnetic locking system to help the locking mechanisms engage automatically upon closing the doors.

Exceptionally Warm

As standard these doors are 6mm Thermally Toughened Double Glazed but we can upgrade the glass to an engineered Triple Glazed system whilst maintaining a Slim Aluminium Frame of only 26mm. This does not make a difference to how wide or high your can make each panel - it only adds to the weight of each sliding panel of glass. They naturally have u-Value of 0.8 – 1.1 W/m2K but upgrading them to Triple Glazing could help achieve an overall u-Value of just 0.7 W/m2K (for the laymen; the lower the number, the warmer you'll be)

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More Glass Please

As we have mentioned, these Slim Frame Sliding Doors can offer you up to 12m2 of glass so you can truly create a wall of sliding glass with a thin vertical frame of only 20mm thick to create a seamless finish. You could have near-enough as many panels as you'd like with 2, 3, 4 or more tracked Sliding Doors possible. The most popular being 3 Panels for an average sized family home could also have opening corners that can open up most extension projects beyond the imagination whilst not compromising views when closed.

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Guarantees that Matter

Our Slim Frame Sliding Doors are built last and to prove that they have an Insurance-Backed 10-Year Guarantee*, this includes Glass, Installation, Hinges and other moving Mechanisms Guarantee. This is more advanced than our competitors and with an option for an up to 15-year Glass Guarantee means both your Slim Frame Sliding Doors aren't just built to last, they give you that extra peace of mind that no matter what, there is a Guarantee to keep them sliding.

*10 Years for Aluminium & uPVC frames, 30 Years Against Rot & Fungal for Timber

Slim Frame Sliding Door Configuration

As each panel can be up to 3.5m wide by 4.5m high it's quite self explanatory as to how many panels you can have for your proposed opening but not many customers know that as each panel is on its own individual tracking system that most times both doors can overlap each other and you are in complete control as to which side you would like your doors open. For example if you have a 2 panel Sliding Door on a 2 track system you can slide both doors open slightly to enable air to ventilate both sides of the room whilst the middle acts as a blockage for where you might want to stand to have a conversation on a warm summers evening.

Single Track System

Slim Frame Sliding Doors 1 Track Configu

2 Track System

Slim Frame Sliding Doors 2 Track Configu

3 Track System

Slim Frame Sliding Doors 3 Track Configu

4 Track System

Slim Frame Sliding Doors 4 Track Configu

Optional Extras for Slim Frame Sliding Doors

Automatic Opening/Closing

Once a panel weighs over 500kg we highly advise that the sliding glass wall be automated. Depending on the running length and overall weight of the glass panels to open will determine what size motor your doors need.


There are three standard motors used for our Slim Frame Sliding Door Systems; The Dura 850+, Dura 2500 and Dura 2500 Pro. Upon quotation Decor will specify the exact motor and size to be used on your project in relation to the weight and length of your desired sliding glass doors, 


The Motors are to be hidden within the internal ceiling void, during installation, to maintain a minimal framed design that is most desired. To control the Automated Sliding Doors you could either operate them via a wall switch or remote control. You could also operate the Sliding Door System by integrating it to your smart home automation systems, such as Hive, if such system is installed within your property.

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Hidden Posts, Holes in the Wall & Juliet Balconies

Our Slim Frame Sliding Doors system can be designed to open on a corner leaving no frame at the connection. The corner connections don't have to be 90° and could also be designed as an inverted corner for back gardens.

When fully closed, the male & female Aluminium connecting frame on the corner will measure approximately 100mm x 100mm, leaving you with a minimal connection to still enjoy the outdoor views.


A very popular design is Hidden Panels, this is where you could slide your door, on any numbered tracking system, in to hole in the wall to create the illusion that there is no door when fully open. The size of the hole required to hide the Sliding Doors depends on how many panels are within your design and the number of tracks within the configuration. A rule of thumb is per tracking system 90mm is the required depth per hole, so for a 3 track Sliding Door System a hole of at least 270mm deep is required to allow for clearance and couplings for glass elevation and wind loads. Just like Decor determining the Automatic Motor for you, we can easily calculate the depth of the hole needed during the quotation stage.


For Slim Frame Sliding Doors that are higher up we could also integrate Frameless Juliet Balconies. Comprising of a frameless glass balustrade within the aluminium frame, the balcony sits seamlessly within the sliding door frame to ensure it is invisible when the doors are closed. 

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Common Questions About Slim Frame Sliding Doors

To help you with your exciting new project we, at Decor, want to help you make the correct decision. Here are some of the most common questions for Slim Frame Sliding Doors we get asked that you might find useful.

Is the Glass on These Doors Easy to Break?

Thankfully the glass used as standard on our Slim Framed Sliding Doors are 6mm Toughened. This helps, for even the hardest of hits, to not make any damage.

Should I Go for Regular Patio Sliding Doors or Slim Frame?

This is depending on your budget as Slim Framed Sliding Doors are expensive due the advanced technology that is needed to ensure that the glass doesn't bow as it is being made and also it also depends on your style of property - if it is a Cottage Bungalow it may make more sense to go for standard Patio Sliding Doors to help with the image of the property. But ultimately it is your choice as the homeowner!

What Material Can I Choose?

Due to the strength and stability of Aluminium that is the only choice you have when choosing Slimline Sliding Doors. If you are after Timber or uPVC standard Patio Sliding Doors are a better choice for you.

What Colour Options Are There?

On with every type of Aluminium that we sell you can choose from over 200+ RAL Colours, but with the frames being so minimal and most customers wanting to make it be more discreet Black, Anthracite and White are the most common colours to choose from.

How Long Do They Take to Install?

We say for a 3 track Sliding Door that you should expect 2-3 days for a complete install to ensure everything is 100% level because if the tracking system is out by 2mm on one end the doors will be near impossible to open.

What Are the Lead Times for Slim Frame Sliding Doors?

Depending on the size, such as 5 panels or more, the standard lead time is 3-4 weeks for installation but if you have been let down by another installer we have close relationships with our fabricators and can sometimes turn them around in 10 working days.

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