Terms of Service

  1. The balance of purchase price is payable when the units have been properly installed or delivered in accordance with the terms of the contract. Payment is to be made to the office by card or bank transfer to Decor Home Improvements Ltd. within 3 working days of completion. A nominal sum leaving 5% of the total contract will be retained where a minor item is still outstanding at the time of substantial completion. Should you have completed a finance application, you will then commence repayments to the finance company.

  2. You will allow installation to commence within the estimated installation period. If within six weeks of the end of the estimated installation period, you are unable to accept an appointment for installation, 80% of purchase price is then payable, and installation or delivery will follow as soon as is reasonably practicable by agreement between us.

  3. If the work is not commenced within the estimated installation period stated in the contract, you may write to us requiring the work to be completed within six weeks. If the work is not completed within this extended period, you may cancel the outstanding work covered by the contract without penalty to yourself by sending us a letter advising us of your wishes. We recommend that you send this letter by recorded delivery. In addition, you will be entitled to a refund of any monies which represents payment for the installation of materials by us in excess of any work actually carried out by ourselves.

  4. Decor Home Improvements reserve the right to cancel this contract should our technical report prove unsatisfactory in any way whereupon the deposit will be repaid in full (minus surveyor fees) and the contract shall be null and void and neither party shall be under any liability to the other.

  5. Decor Home Improvements Ltd will repair or replace subject to wear, tear and maintenance, that our out of our Guarantee Period or are products that have been installed by another company, for a fee that includes charges for labour and materials, any window or door unit which develops a fault (including the fault of condensation between the glasses of sealed units), due to defective materials or construction if written notice of any such fault or defect is given after the date of installation and promptly after the fault arises. This does not apply to minor imperfections in glass. This is given in addition to, and not in substitution for, all the customer's rights under common law or by statute. The maintenance of hardwood sub-frames, brass fittings and any other non-maintenance-free item is the responsibility of the customer. This becomes operative when the installation has been completed and all outstanding balances have been paid by the customer. These repairs are carried out during normal hours i.e. 9am to 5pm Mon to Fri. Decor Home Improvements Ltd take no responsibility for work required outside these times. The guarantees offered are not transferable by Decor Home Improvements, but are transferable when selling your property through your solicitors/surveyors.

  6. The glass used is of the best quality obtained but may have minor imperfections as the Company cannot supply glass to a higher standard than the manufacturers can provide. The glass in hermetically sealed double glazing will comply to the visual Quality Standard. LOW EMISSIVITY glass in particular may exhibit minor imperfections and visual phenomena especially when viewed in certain lighting conditions.

  7. No Guarantee or Warranty is given by the Company concerning the incidence, prevention or elimination of condensation to the inside or outside panes (except to that between the glasses of sealed units).

  8. The guarantee or warranty does not extend to damage or faults due to accident, misuse or neglect.

  9. No undertaking can be given that the customer's existing doors, windows and/or frames can be removed so as to be fit for re-use or any other purpose and they will be removed from the premises and disposed of unless the customer instructs the installer to leave them.

  10. Where the purchaser has decided to keep existing timber sub-frames, we can take no responsibility for defects inherent in the timber which may appear in the short or long term. All windows and doors fitted by the Company will be manufactured and installed substantially in accordance with the schedule overleaf, but the Company reserves the right to make such modifications as it may consider necessary (after consultation with the Purchaser) to suit the needs of any specific case in the light of the technical report.

  11. The Company will make good any damage caused in the course of installation to plaster, floor, rendering or brickwork immediately surrounding any windows or doors installed, but does not undertake to repair damage to surrounding tiling, wallpaper, paintwork or external plants/shrubs. We cannot guarantee to remove intact any panes of glass or frames from old windows required to be retained by the Purchaser. The Company will endeavour to ensure that any making good will match existing finishes but shall not be liable for non-matching due to weathering of the existing materials or non-availability of matching materials. Re-painting/decorating is not included.

  12. The Company, or its employees, will be in no way responsible for structural or other inherent defect in the property discovered before or during the installation. If during the course of the work problems of a structural nature to the Purchasers property become apparent (and which could not reasonably have been foreseen by the Company's technical measurer) then the company shall have the right to call in a suitably qualified structural surveyor to advise on the problem and report, in writing with recommendations, such recommendations to be implemented by the purchaser and at the purchaser's expense as soon as practicable to enable the Company to proceed safely with the work.

  13. The balance is payable to the Company on completion of the work (or collection or delivery if supply only). A nominal summary be retained where a minor item is still outstanding at the time of substantial completion. The Company's driver or installers are authorised to accept card, a cheque or Home Improvement Loan document in favour of Decor Home Improvements Ltd. The Company reserves the right to make a collection charge of 2.5% per month on all outstanding balances and any costs in recovering them.

  14. Any levies or taxes imposed by the Government prior to installation will be added to the final invoice.

  15. All materials supplied by the Company shall remain the property of the Company until such times as all outstanding balances have been paid. The Company reserves the right to repossess any products for which full payment has not been made.

  16. You agree to notify us and to give reasonable opportunity to remedy any complaint you may have. We will give you details of our complaint’s procedure.