Timber Windows

Near Silent - Being a natural suppressor of sound you'll enjoy more peace within your home

FSC Certified Wood - Know you're helping the Forest & Wildlife by choosing Timber by Decor

More Hardware Options - Giving you a wide range of furniture options for your Timber Windows

Long Guarantees - 30 Years against Rot & Fungal. That should help you relax for a good few years

CNC Machine Accuracy - Helping you have a truly bespoke window despite the shape of the opening

Multiple Materials - Accoya, Oak and Engineered Softwood & Hardwood, there's a material for your home

True Craftsmanship - Assuring you that all joints on your windows are 100% correct before being installed 

Extensive Colour Range - Multiple Micro-Porous & Stain Finishes available to freshen up your new windows

About Timber

There are times where nothing but Timber will do, and that's not a bad thing. Far from it. Timber windows have a rich history and it's one that is full of delight due to the detail that has been needed, and still is, to make a truly bespoke window. They do need to be maintained but that is not a negative when it comes to windows that are guaranteed for 30 years against rot and fungal decay, when aluminium comes with a maximum guarantee of 20 years alike! 

Timber windows are a product to be proud of for many reasons and we can think of many as to why you should stay true to the roots of double glazing.

Window Styles

Cord & Weights or Spiral Balance, the choice is yours

Timber Sash Window.jpg

You can keep an authentic look by choosing uPVC & Aluminium


For a secure fit, a Timber Casement is the answer

Timber Casement Window.jpg

Also take a look at our uPVC & Aluminium Casements


Timber Flush Window.jpg

If budget is a concern our uPVC Timber Alternative is realistic

A Cottage House would be bare without a Flush Timber Window

Shaped Timber

For those unique openings, Timber is up for the job

Timber Shaped Window.jpg

uPVC & Aluminium can help where timber isn't needed

Tilt & Turn

Clean the outside whilst inside with Timber Tilt & Turns

Timber Tilt Turn Window.jpg

Fancy an alternative? uPVC & Aluminium have a great range

Why Choose Timber by Decor

True Craftsmanship

A skill that has been around since records began, making a Timber Window takes not just and eye for detail but an amazing amount of patience to ensure it is cut, sanded and painted/stained correctly.

An Aluminium and uPVC window can be turned around in a week, if it is an emergency, but a Timber Window at best will take 3 weeks due to amount of accuracy needed. Our suppliers use CNC machinery to make the inital cut of timber but after that they are all finger jointed to ensure that warping is at a minimum.

If you would like a window that is truly bespoke to your opening and has had the upmost care and attention to detail, Decor has chosen the correct manufacturers to make your windows

Timber Window - True Craftmanship.jpg


We like all materials at Decor as they each have their own strengths - Timber happens to be the authentic appeal it gives. Usually when a customer has Timber windows it shows they really do like attention to detail and would like their property to look as authentic it can be.

We have seen a lot of Timber installations from our time in the industry and as much as Timber Alternative windows look very similar to the original material it still doesn't give that same feeling that a Timber Window gives to its customers.


Over the years if a Timber Window is treated correctly it can easily outlast all other materials whist still keeping that original look it had when first installed.

Material Options

All the Timber Windows Decor offers are FSC® 100% Certified, helping you make the decision to choose Timber that tiny bit easier.

The different types of wood we use are Oak, Accoya, Engineered Softwood (Redwood or Scandinavian Pine) and Engineered Hardwood (Red Grandis or Meranti). Each have their own strengths and one of the most common questions asked is; 'Is Softwood weaker than Hardwood?' when it comes to engineered wood the answer is 'NO'.

As we have so many Timber materials to choose from we are sure that one is best suited for your home.

Timber Window - Materials.jpg
Timber Window - Authentic.jpg

Guaranteed to Last

We make sure that the Timber Windows are going to last you a very long time!

The Guarantees for our Timber Windows are 30 Years on Rot & Fungal Decay, as well as 10 Years on Ironmongery, Factory Coatings, Sealed Units & Manufacturing Defects

We hope those Guarantees offer complete peace of mind when you choose Decor Timber Windows

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Is Timber For You?

Conservation Area

Most of the time only Timber is the answer, we are sure that can come as a confusion sometimes as Timber is an expensive material when it is truly bespoke but some properties we have dealt with need to have Slimline Glazing and only Timber can accommodate this type of glazing due to its bespoke nature.

As Conservation Areas are described as 'places in villages, towns and cities which are especially valued by local communities due to their historic character and associations' it makes sense as to why the local communities want to keep all the materials used on the buildings as authentic as they can be to keep the character of those areas alive.

With the advancement in how Timber Windows are made they are just as energy efficient as uPVC, so if you are under a Conservation Area and afraid to replace your windows due to heating issues Decor Timber Windows could be the answer.

Timber Window - Conservation.jpg

Eco Friendly

With help from one of Manufacturers Bereco; research suggests that wooden window frames have the lowest embodied carbon of any window material at just 85kg CO²e compared to uPVC windows at 110kg CO²e and aluminium windows at 161kg CO2e. But not only this, 300 billion tons of carbon are stored in our forests globally. When harvested to make wooden windows and doors the wood retains the carbon store making them carbon negative.

As you can see from the figures above, along with energy efficient glazing and frames Timber has made many advances in the industry that uPVC and Aluminium need to get on board with.

If you want to ensure that you are helping the World become Greener Timber Windows are the best product for you.

Timber Window - Eco.jpg


Not many customers are aware that Timber is the longest lasting material for when it comes to your windows.


uPVC and Aluminium are generally guaranteed for 10 years but have a life expectancy of 20 years. Timber on the other hand has been proven to last 60 years, with maintaining the windows every 5-8 years after the inital 10 year guarantee, this means that you will be replacing your windows less, saving you money, time and stress compared to uPVC or Aluminium.

Timber has been around for centuries and will be around for much longer due to advancements with technology and Decor will always be at the forefront of windows that will last.

Timber Window - Longevity.jpg

Please get in contact should you like to get a Free Quotation for Timber Windows

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