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Aluminium Windows

Slim and contemporary looks comes from non other than Aluminium Windows. With minimal frame and more glass this helps you get more natural light in to your property.

As well as slim frames, Aluminium have top security features that exceed British Security Standards we have a style for you. Aluminium Windows are available in the following styles Bay & Bow, Casement, Flush, Shaped Windows, Sliding Sash and Tilt & Turn.

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Timber Windows

Keeping the traditional window material alive with modern technology!

Timber windows can be made to any shape and size and is very popular for new build properties because of their long guarantees. We have so many types of Timber to choose from that no matter if you live in a strong Conservation Area we have the expertise in choosing the right one for your property.

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uPVC Windows

uPVC is the most common material out there when replacing your windows. A material that will never rot, rust or peel and can made to most shaped openings makes uPVC still as popular today as it was when it first launched in the 1980's!

With technological advancements recently a uPVC window can mimick a Timber Window so well that even the best eyes in the industry can't tell them apart.


For a maintenance free window at a tight budget uPVC from Decor is your answer

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Bay & Bow Windows

Helping you achieve a more panoramic view of the outside world, whilst keeping your property warm.

Bay & Bow Windows are a fantastic addition to any property and thankfully we can provide you with a quote on all 3 materials! An added bonus for properties with Bay Windows is that it can create a nice seating area for those cold wintry days whilst not having any worries about nasty draughts.

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Casement Windows

The most popular type of window in the UK and with advancements in technology they make sure no draughts are going to seep through with an air tight seal.

With all 3 materials Casement Windows you can make them your own with additional extras such as Leaded Lights and Cottage Bars, having the option of hundreds of colours as well as upgrading the glazing to Triple Glazing if your house is on a bit of a cold side.

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Flush Windows

For Timber these windows have been about for years but for Aluminium and uPVC these are the latest in window technology.

The opening sash sits within the frame of these windows and that feature is slowly making Flush Windows the most popular style on the market. Whilst not compromising security or energy efficiency Flush Windows can turn any home in to either an Authentic Cottage styled property or a Modern, Contemporary Architectural home.

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Sliding Sash Windows

A Traditional window that has been about since Victorian times and is unique compared to all other styles. Whereas Casement, Flush and Tilt & Turn Windows have a crank mechanism that opens outwards/inwards a Sliding Sash does what it says in the name - it Slides up and down.

There are now two options on how a Sliding Sash operates for each 3 materials and that is either having a Mechanical Pull inside the box sash or the traditional Sash Cord and Weights. We don't limit you to either or we are happy to provide a quote on both options.

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Tilt & Turn Windows

For high up blocks of flats or customers who want to maximise the amount of air to come in to their property - Tilt & Turns are for you.

They're becoming a very common window in New Build Homes as the hinges are built to withstand a lot of weight when fully opened which means they may last longer than traditional Casement and Flush Windows.

Tilt & Turn windows are also very popular with Conservatories and Orangeries to help regulate the air flow on a hot summers day.

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